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Published: 04th December 2009
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The lighter and very warm side of egg donation is the effect that the egg donor program has on real life. Donor egg stories are heartwarming and give upliftment to the feelings for egg donors, egg donation recipients and people associated with the egg donation process.

As these donor egg stories have been so uplifting, they warrant sharing with humanity:

Letter to My Egg Donor - We do not yet have an outcome, but I wanted to express my thanks before we do, as the two are unrelated. I am so extremely grateful to my donor for what she has done for me - it has to be one of the most gracious & generous things one woman can do for another......after all, only a woman can understand another woman's longing for a child. It is clearly not about money as the fee these beautiful women receive is disproportionately small to the discomfort & inconvenience they suffer. It can only be that they are very, very special people with a heightened level of compassion & insight. My daughter now has the chance of a sibling & my dear, wonderful husband & I have a chance at having a home with no empty bedrooms. Pls thank my donor for me - from the bottom of my heart.

Response from the Egg Donor to Her Egg Donation Recipient - Thanks so much for informing me about the letter from my recepient. I was really touched by what she wrote. This is when you realise - it's so worth it. I really hope that she and her husband will hear great news in 2weeks time. Thanks again for everything!

More donor egg stories to her egg donor - Dear Donor,

It was suggested that I write you a letter when I went into hospital for the egg transplant - which as you know I didn't do. I didn't at the time as I felt that at that point it would not mean as much as I believe it does now.

A very heartfelt thank you from both my husband and I for the precious gift that you have given us. I found the previous disappointments/failures heartbreaking and didn't want to get too excited until I reached twelve weeks. I can now tell that I am thirteen weeks (and a day) pregnant and I think I have a beautiful little boy on the way. Although two eggs were put back only one egg took. We would have loved twins (as my age makes it difficult to consider another pregnancy) but we are blessed and over the moon that we have one piece of precious cargo on its way. We may still consider another baby but I think we need to experience this little one first.

As I said earlier I think it's a boy. I have always believed that a soul chooses it's parents and for almost 25 years have believed that a little boy was looking for me. At my twelve week scan the doctor did everything to try and see what I had but he kept his little legs firmly crossed and refused to open them for us. He has the most beautiful little face with the cutest little nose and lips - he already looks gorgeous. He is a very busy little chap and doesn't keep his hands or feet still for a minute. The doctor thinks that it's 90% a boy but my next appointment at the end of the month will confirm what it is.

Thank you cannot convey our appreciation but I would like you to know that we are deeply grateful and cannot wait for our baby to arrive. I wish you great happiness and the opportunity to experience the joy that I am currently experiencing.

With love and thanks!

Learning of Pregnancy - Fantastic news we are PREGNANT!!!!! going for our first scan in 2 weeks, to see if there is 1 or 2 hearts beating.

Thank you sooooo much for helping us. Love Recipient of Donor Eggs.

These are just some of the heart warming stories involved in egg donation. South African egg donation embraces the beauty and giving deed of this function. baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy - www.baby2mom.co.za has developed a dedicated page - the Heart of baby2mom - especially relating to donor egg stories from the perspectives of egg donors, recipients of donor eggs and other parties involved.

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